Friday, May 2, 2014

Trobar - Charivari - Review

Year: 2014

This album 'Charivari' by the band Trobar is indeed an adventurous experience. Some songs like ‘Troubadors’ have a dark and yet beautifully orchestrated presence which come together as if it were a collage depicting one thing from a lot of different pieces. With that said, I need to elaborate on the fact that the vocals bring out a demonic feel to the music while the music presented itself is both elegant and beautiful, so this could be mixed form on a whole.

The composition is exquisite and it is felt that every song has a strong presence to it that I cant help but headbang to repetitively. By strong presence I don’t mean that the songs are brutal or gory but that the songs have a strong meaning behind it and in every composition it is more powerful than the next. ‘Simple yet Strong’ is the apt way to describe this album. 

The flute and keyboard combinations as well as incorporating heavy guitar rhythm riffs, beautiful lead guitar work that went well with the flute and keyboard combined, is amazing and the best listen I've had in a long while. It is nothing too complicated and yet bringing out a dexterity to the music with such simplicity. 

But with that said expectations for some songs were high but failed to deliver, not completely though. It is just that it feel like something is missing. Putting this in simpler terms I’d say that the band is simple yet dexterously strong in music but there is something that it lacks that doesn't make the album what it should be. This something could be that the guitars could have been better here and there and could have been used less and more in some other places but then again this is only a personal opinion though. 

All in all the band is excellent and this album is Powerful with a sense of beauty at the end. Truly enjoyed reviewing this album as it wasn't what I was expecting.

My favorite song ‘Le Bosquet’ put me in a loop with the diversity of elements from demonic vocals to powerful chorus lines to beautiful composition of classic folk elements embedded behind a strong guitar composition. I’d love to see this band in action just to see how they pull this diversity off so elegantly. So this album is a must listen and will definitely throw you into a loop you’d definitely not forget. 

Rating : 77%

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