Saturday, May 10, 2014

Landskap - I (LP) - Album Review

Year: 2014

Very few bands are able to make music like  free flowing water, with little or no friction. From the streets of London, England comes the psychedelic rock / doom metal band Landskap, to do just that and achieves it beyond everyone's expectations. With shades of funeral doom all over its music, Landskap (Swedish for landscape) brings out a very simple and no frills debut EP record through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Starting of with a 11:37 minute track titled 'A Nameless Fool', the band shows its prowess and ability to grab the attention of the listener and hold it all the way through, with excellent shift between mid to high tempo thick doomy riffs. Its worth mentioning that the riffs dont sound monotonous and boring at any stage and really uplifts the music as a whole. 

While the drumming is slow to mid tempo, the guitar solos creep in  well, as the song progresses. The clean vocals here sound as if they are sung in a garage and it works just fine for this album. The album is full of headbangable riffs and mid tempo solos brought in by Frederic Caure and George Pan as you would expect with from a doom band. 

'A Cabin in the woods' is just a slow bass driven track clocking just under three minutes and has nothing much to offer other than being a soothing number. 'Fallen so far' is a faster track bringing in the typical doomy riffs and again Landskap doesnt disappoint in the riff department. 

The band clearly is influenced by the big names of traditional doom metal and the vocals and the drum parts all fit in perfectly between the riffs and the bass plays a vital role as is with a typical doom band. 'Fallen so far' has to be the best track of the album as the band keeps it short and fast. Finishing off with the longest song in the EP titled 'To Harvest the Storm', the bass takes centre stage in the first half of the low tempo atmospheric 11:54 minute track, before the band goes full berserk with a faster psychedelic rock feel in the music during the second half.

Clearly this is a band all doom, stoner and psychedelic fans need to check out as the album has something new and worth the time for everyone and its an EP clocking just under 33 minutes. The most stand out feature of the record for me is simplicity factor, even after bringing in all the regular shifts in tempo. Not overly produced and easy on the ears, go check this band out without any second thoughts.

Rating: 85%

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