Thursday, March 6, 2014

Solstice - Death's Crown is Victory - Album Review

Year: 2013

Time after time, music becomes more demanding in daily life. With all the stress and life keeps you dragging into the depressive part of life too. All the responsibilities and the ever crumbling wall of positive energy just makes you want to break the face of every person you come across. Fear not! Metal is here! Metal is there to make it go away or maybe it's upto you to decided to let go of everything and listen something awesome as the genre of metal.

Well, I don't wish to extend this further. For couple of months, it's been lazy and tiring days with nothing to do. No reason to explain why exactly. As an album reviewer, I come across many bands each day. Say about 20 or so. Its wonderful that many bands are upto their mark and some of them are standing upto that point that you can never think of! Guess what again! Solstice! Is the Bomb!! One heck of a Doom metal band. 

Its more like let's say..ever heard of something which sounds like war? Ever heard of something which is horror but reality? Ever heard of genre which keeps you thunderstruck.. I am not talking AC/DC here! I am talking about Solstice, an awesome piece of Doom metal here. 

Whenever I hear the word DOOM! I hear Black Sabbath screaming 'Paranoid' in my ears or maybe the name Candlemass. Can't miss out good old Dr. Sir Tony Iommi,Can we? No we can't! If we do, you are not part of old school metal at all. 

Solstice is one of those bands which is influenced by old school doom metal and sounds like it wants to ravage you to the point where you want to hear them more. That's what happened to me when I heard them first. 

Their tracks - 'Fortress England', 'I am the Hunter', 'Death 's Crown is Victory' and 'Aequinoctium' just knock the daylights out of me. 

I imagine a piece of Green land where a man is proclaiming war and at the same time, his wife is narrating his story to her son on how brave his dad is. Beautiful, yet a saddening piece imagination. The first track is like a tale and other two is its voice. 

This band has more potential in every way. It's majestic (very weird yet one of a kind). 

It can be rated 80%. I won't give it a 100% just like that because this band has got it all, yet needs to get more tracks. Come on! Get some beer or coffee! This band will cheer and give you the pump energy for a nice evening or a lonely night. 

Rating: 80%

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