Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kimi Kärki - The Bone Of My Bones - Album Review

Year: 2013

Kimi Kärki is not a person very well known in metal industry, maybe because his bands are underground and very few people know about them. Even those who know the bands he is in, don't really know how great he is. For those who don't know anything about Kimi Kärki, let me tell you about him. He started as a guitarist for progressive rock band Orne and later joined the doom metal band Lord Vicar.

Starting from progressive rock followed by doom metal and now he is back with his solo debut album, 'The Bone of my Bones' which is an unplugged country music album. This album is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is the first album that left me totally speechless. Only I know, how I am desperately looking for words and just arranging them to write these sentences. I don't feel myself to be at a level to comment on this masterpiece. I am amazed and awe struck that how a doom metal guitarist can just pick up an acoustic guitar and write an entire album, all on his own.

There is no other instrument used in the album except for the one acoustic guitar played by Kimi Kärki himself while also doing the vocals on the songs. It is an unplugged studio album. I called it unplugged because it has that raw feeling to it that you experience live, and yet it is a studio album. Never in my life I thought a doom metal artist would go over such a massive change and release such a mind-blowingly soothing and melodic album.

The album starts with 'I Am Aries' which is a small two and half minutes song that acts as a demo for the rest of the album. Next, 'Red Rooster' takes you to another dimension with the melody it carries. One can feel metal influence in background of this song. 'Young Goodman Brown' and 'My Name Is Free' are the songs with catchy melodic choruses. You can feel every moment of it and it felt like someone just held my hand and brought me to heaven. 'The Lord Who Never Sleeps', 'Archipelago' and 'Taxiarch' are the songs that literally make you immovable. You never realize when these end and they leave you wanting more.

To summarize it, I only have one word for it i.e., 'MASTERPIECE'. If you are a music fan, not just a metal music fan, it is absolutely imperative for you to listen to this album. You will be really missing out on a lot of things if you miss out on this album. I feel honored to have gotten chance to review this album.

Rating: 100%

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