Sunday, March 2, 2014

Iron Dogs - Free and Wild - Album Review

Year: 2013

While the band brands itself as 'speed metal' they take a mild but different approach compared to the new bands coming out with catchy and explosive music out of Finland or the USA. This album 'Free And Wild' felt as if a caged animal had been let loose and it's rampage was felt evident afterwards.

This was felt through the melodic picking through the verses, choruses and bridges with lyrical themes that fit right into place with the music. But having said that their classical sense is shown through their mid-pace rhythms with the melodies at extreme volume portraying the vocals and rhythms on a more atmospheric feel.

All of this cloaked by a thick layer of heavy drumming and monstrous bass-playing which went well with the other elements of the songs. The drums especially felt misunderstood in the songs where the drumming seemed plain but possessed thicker kicks than you might expect.

The Depth in their music as well as the raw emotion gives out an aura which could only be comprehended by letting oneself meld with the intense emotion of their savage and untamed music. Their songs are concise and well developed with all their songs below the 5 minute mark.

"Short and sweet" is an apt description for this album. The album portrays how savage, free and untamed music can be and still sound deadly and accurate. This aspect truly places them in that late 70's/80's style of music with a blissful, down to earth tone reminiscent of how bands were back in the day. Their song 'Island of the Dead' caught my attention amongst the songs in the album and is definitely my favorite with 2:15 - 2:54 being the most enjoyable.

Rating : 75%

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