Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sabbath Assembly - Quaternity - Review

Year: 2014

This beautiful album entitiled ‘Quaternity’ by the band Sabbath Assembly, who refer to themselves as ‘Sacred Folk-Metal’ was a delight to review. This album portrays deep meaning in every song as the drummer Dave Xtian Nuss and vocalist Jamie Myers bring life to church hymns in their own interpretations.

The eerie acoustic folk presence feels as if you’d been taken on a dreamlike journey into your own mind while you’re helpless to where your mind may wander as you listen to this album. The male/female vocals along with refined and almost artistic feel of music makes you go into a deep trance where you feel all your worries and thoughts just wash away and a strong feeling of nothingness just engulfs you entirely, leaving you without any thoughts at all.

There were two songs that caught my ears which are ‘I, Satan’ and ‘The Burning Cross of Christ’. I felt among the two, ‘The Burning Cross of Christ’ to be the finest. The song represented a strong and passion filled atmosphere where I felt Myers sang with such raw emotion which totally engulfs you in the music making you devoid to the world around you. If you were looking for something with a deeper meaning then yes, this album is definitely for you. The wide array of intense emotions orchestrated through a very different yet elegant form of music is something that is truly simply magnificent. 

But on the other hand within this beautiful yet elegant arrangement there springsa dark side to the music which is seen in the song ‘I, Satan’. The feeling of pain and anguish was definitely felt and it should be stressed that even though a rose may seem beautiful at first glance it’s when you pick it up you get to experience the thorns that cause you much pain and sorrow which is exactly what I would say about this band.

Overall this was an excellent and beautiful album which gives out much emotion and inner meaning in every song of the album. To conclude, this was certainly very different from what I’ve listened to in the past but it was a very interesting experience to explore through this album ‘Quaternity’.

Rating: 90%

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