Monday, January 20, 2014

Trainwreck Architect - Traits Of The Sick - Album Review

Year: 2013

There was I, 7-8 years back when I first heard metal music. The first sub genre that I got into was thrash metal. Oh what a time it was, listening to The Big 4, Overkill, Kreator and what not - with head smashing riffs, those air guitars I played, that brutal voice I sang in (which I still do). Thrash metal became my favorite sub-genre of metal. Also what attracted me was that thrash metal wasn't sub-divided into more sub genres. From 30 years ago, when thrash had its initiation, till now, thrash still has kept its brutality that no other sub-genre has. Though, in all genres there is atleast one band that looks brutal and bad ass in details and introduction but equally disappointing when heard. Same goes for Trainwreck Architect.

First time in 30 years of thrash I found Melodic thrash metal. Darn! I got excited, "I must check this out". What added to my excitement was reading the lyrical content: politics. Melodic thrash metal band, political lyrical content, production by Jeff Waters( Annihilator); tell me one reason why one shouldn't check this band.

One? Here are three reasons
1. Real bad production.
2. Guitar solos aren't even heavy enough to head bang.
3. All songs sound the same. You listen any one song and you've heard it all.
There are lot more reasons that can be written here.

Track listing: Die Like A legend, Deadbeat Breakdown, Rabid Psychotic Relapse, As Killers Breathe (Feat. Jeff Waters).

The tracks are as bad  as the bad ass names they have .

Let's get to music. The album had a very good start with instrumental 'Comatose Era(Intro)'. The guitars are soothing and melodic. This gets the listener all pumped for the album. But then when it gets to the next track, 'The Culprit', it is a big let down. Let me explain the structure of one song. Multiply it by nine and that's what I went through. Guitar riffs are down-tuned and try very hard to sound smashing. They just go with the drum as whatever suits the tune. They simply just go with it. The bass is not audible. To top it off, the vocalist tries very hard to be brutal and he cant sustain his own screams.

Overall, the album is nice if you don't have literally nothing to do. Do check it out if you feel like torturing yourself.

Rating: 10%

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