Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cvinger - Monastery Of Fallen - Album Review

Year: 2013

Just imagine having pizza at your favorite joint. You are hungry as hell, and then you see your favorite pizza is on the specials today. You are handed one slice of it, and then completely relish the whole slice of pizza in anticipation of rest of the pizza..........and then that's it. No more pizza. Shop closes down. Slovenian three piece act Cvinger's first EP, 'Monastery of Fallen' can be summed up as that piece of pizza. It is tasty, raw and appealing to the senses but not enough of it is there to satiate one's hunger.

Sure, there are pretty insane guitar riffs out there, and also Lucerus' part-grunt shrieks are very tasteful. The production of this brutal 15 minutes of black metal has been done raw in ode to the second wave Norwegian black metal era. The album also has some very soulful and dreary acoustic parts. Which makes it a (preview of) a great black metal record.

It's not like 2 minute black metal songs suck. There are many out there which clock at 1 minute and 45 seconds and all, but still completely satisfy the listener. With 'Monastery of Fallen', the songs build up tempo, gain speed and just.............end. The listener is left hanging in thin air.

Also, I don't understand the reason for dividing a 15 minute record into 3 parts and giving a soft acoustic start for each one and the one in the middle actually messes up the mood completely. After listening to two fast paced brutal black metal songs, an acoustic track in between just drops the intensity too fast for comfort.

Also, on a side note, I know this doesn't matter much, but the English is horrible.Guys, please try and improve on that for the next releases.

Overall, Cvinger's 'Monastery of Fallen' is a release which could have been something, but just lost its way somewhere.

Rating: 64%

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