Friday, January 31, 2014

Halahkuh - Desecration EP - Album Review

Year: 2013

Let's take some old school thrash metal, chop it and mix it with some brutal, in your face type death metal and throw in some Melodies in the middle. The result is a death / thrash metal band from Pune named Halahkuh. Their debut EP 'Desecration' is as good as it gets, especially considering the fact that its a debut release. 

'Desecration' opens up with, probably one of the best intros to an album I have heard in a while. 'Ordeal' is a perfect intro for the three insane tracks that follow it. If just being inspired by one of the greatest rulers of all time, Genghis Khan's descendant Hulagu Khan wasn't enough,their second track "Sacrilege" feature's a monster from the Indian metal scene. Shashank Bhatnagar (Undying Inc.) does brilliant in that song, but that's not all of it. The guitar is like a constant war machine and the drums are like cannon balls being shot at the listener at constant intervals. 

'Possessed Strangulated And Enslaved' is maybe what the band is all about. In this constant war like atmosphere there are bits of melodies of peace thrown in which makes the band sound almost epic. Their last song on the EP, 'In Extremis' is a perfect way to end this killer piece. A perfect blend between the vocals, drums and guitars just make the listener want to tear the place down to bits. Apart from the music, the album art is also quite impressive.

With just their debut EP sounding so good, I can't wait to get my hands on their next release. All in all, if you're a death / thrash fan or even if you just love your metal and want it to blow away your eardrums then 'Desecration' is one EP that you must listen to. With songs that are well paced throughout the album, the band really knows what it wants to deliver to its fans.

Rating: 89%

Halahkuh is all set to play at Thrashfest sponsored by Transcending Obscurity, which is set to happen on 9th February, 2014 at Hotel United 21, Mumbai.


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