Monday, January 27, 2014

Perversity - Infamy Divine - Album Review

Year: 2014

Over the course of the existence of death metal, we have seen many things come, and go. But it hasn’t been until recently, that things have gone back to the basics. Time has been very good to the subgenre (death metal) as there has been growth and expansion beyond the visions that Jeff Becerra and Chuck Schuldiner had seen. We have found ourselves at point in its evolution where things have seemed to stagnate. With Perversity, they take the listener back to an age of death metal where brutality was measured in terms of heavy chuggy tremeolo riffs. It is a look back to a time when the incorporations of horror themes, were mixed with the music we so whole heartedly love.

Although the song writing can get rather boring after a few listens, they still can keep you entertained more than the average band. They seem to be soul searching through influences of their old heroes. If I had to compare it to anything I would have to say it’s like Morbid Angel meets Deicide and then run into Pestilence, which results in a orgy which gives us our product called Perversity. The elements I take from each of these bands are the awkward and sometimes hard to digest chord selections of Morbid Angel, coupled with the heavy tremolo picking style of Decide, complemented by the horror themed interludes done in the styles of Pestilence and Mortician.
I would also like point out that there is no soloing. To me with extreme metal, that is a must have. How else are you going to showcase the prowess of your axeman. But the lack of a soloist really isn’t missed too much. The drumming style is very hectic and I can get as much joy out of listening to just the assault on them drumskins as I can, listening to their guitars. 

All in all it comes together as a whole. I wouldn’t say that I loved it. It’s like a one night stand - good for a night or two, and then on to the next. Perversity I believe have a lot to prove to themselves in the coming year. With a bit more work this could be a really good band. But 'Infamy Divine' falls short of my expectations.

Rating: 70%

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