Friday, December 20, 2013

Unscarred - Fake Democracy EP - Album Review

Year : 2013

Many people call metal, the man dominated genre. But many women have risen up and proved all of those people wrong. Examples are women like Tarja Turunen (ex- Nightwish), Simone Simons (Epica) and even Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) who has proven her worth in growling and the band being one of the pioneers of melodic-death metal. These are just few examples and there is a long list examples I can put here. But I have never heard a female voice in Thrash Metal. Thrash metal is one of those genres that steals away your attention with fast music and is usually fronted by masculine men.

Unscarred is such a Thrash Metal band with female vocalist, Niloofar. The moment I first hit play on Unscarred, I was totally amazed by the high-pitched screaming. "Is it really a woman singing?" I asked myself. Besides the high pitched vocals, the songs also have growling parts that can give you chills.

Unscarred released their first EP titled Fake Democracy via Contorted Records. The one thing that really makes Unscarred unique is the combination of tough sounding riffs, sweet bass lines that run in the background, melodic playing on the lead, ear smashing drumming and that melodious screaming on top of it.

The title track 'Fake Democracy' really brings out the true power of the band with it's nutty music and spine-chilling vocals. Production of album is very good as each and every instrument is clearly audible with clean vocals. The tempo slows down a bit in 'Reborn', still keeping it thrash including a heavy metal touch while being melodic and firm.

The album serves something  new, not only for thrash metal fans, but for everyone who love metal in general. It clearly is a band with a firm stand, who can be pioneer of thrash metal, a few years down the line

Rating: 81%

Brice - Bass
Bo Ris - Lead Guitars
Nico - Rhythm Guitars
Niloofars Melody - Vocals
Franck - Drums

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