Sunday, December 1, 2013

Interview with Stark Denial

Year: 2013

Black Metal Krieg is India's only event which caters exclusively to the genre of Black Metal, which is still in a growing stage in India. The band responsible for this dedicated black metal festival is the one  and only Stark Denial. 

Having successfully organised two editions of the event, Stark Denial is back and this time, they are bringing a legion of the country's finest black metal bands to Black Metal Krieg 3. With barely a week left for the dark day, we had a chat with the band about the show and their upcoming EP.

Metal Gallows: Hey guys. Firstly, I cannot tell you how excited I am about Black Metal Krieg 3! How did this idea for a gig specialising in Black Metal emerge?

Stark Denial: Hey, its really great to see all the excitement for Black Metal Krieg 3, as now there are hardly few days left for it. Well, we wanted to do something different in the metal scene. Then it came to us, what better way than to do a gig dedicated for a genre which is scarce in India and to put it on the map that even India can organise a complete Black Metal gig, dedicating it to some of the legendary bands that we grew up listening to.

Metal Gallows: You guys have successfully done this twice before. How was the experience from the first two times? Compared to then, how has the Black Metal scene evolved over the years?

Stark Denial: Hosting the previous 2 editions of Black Metal Krieg has indeed been an amazing experience. Black Metal Krieg 1 which featured bands like Spiked Crib (Mumbai), 1833 AD (Delhi), Stark Denial (Mumbai) and hailing from Sri Lanka were Dishti which was held at B69 then. Black Metal Krieg 2 which was held a year later @ B69 consisted of bands like Spiked Crib (Mumbai), Dark Desolation (Bangalore), Cosmic Infusion (Mumbai), Insane Prophecy (Guwahati), Stark Denial (Mumbai) & Dishti (Sri Lanka).
Even since then we have a lot of band's emerging from all parts of the country with different styles of Black Metal and taking it to the next level.

Metal Gallows: Black Metal Krieg 3, will also see Stark Denial’s debut EP launch. Tell us a little bit about ‘War’. How did this EP take shape?

Stark Denial: We are finally, after a really long delay, releasing our debut EP titled WAR through Incanned Productions at Black Metal Krieg 3. Well its pretty much self explanatory. We have songs describing from the start till the end of the war, with all the elements in them like aggression, vengeance, brutality and victory. In the band we have always been fascinated with the concepts of war, hence the concept of the EP was shaped from there.

Metal Gallows: I understand that this is a war themed EP. What is the inspiration behind this themed record?

Stark Denial: Inspiration would be one of our favorite games God of War :) and one of our favorite movie trilogies, Lord of the Ring Series and also a lot of Black Metal bands's.

Metal Gallows:The EP sports a brutal and striking album art! Who is the person behind such an astounding piece of work?

Stark Denial: Yes. When we saw the final output of the EP art work, we ourselves were blown away but the detailed description which has been very well crafted and captured by the very talented Aakash Dwivedi. Hats off to him for a good job done. He is definitely a talented upcoming artist :)

Metal Gallows: Are there any plans to do gigs in other cities to support the EP?

Stark Denial: Yes, After Black Metal Krieg 3 we head to Bangalore in January for a show there titled Human Garbage, where again will be sharing the stage with a really good set of bands and we have always been eager to play in Bangalore so really looking forwards to promote our EP there and after that will be some more shows following.

Metal Gallows: Coming back to Black Metal Krieg, what can fans expect from the event? Any surprises in store? 

Stark Denial: Black Metal Krieg 3 has the most intense Line up till date, fans can expect really power packed performances from all the bands for the day and also Stark Denial will be playing with a new line up in Mumbai after a really long time and also our EP will for grabs as well. So over all I'd say to all, come prepared for WAR. Also we have Cosmic Infusion releasing their DVD titled Rise of the Funeral Smoke and 1833 AD also have launched their new website http://www.1833ad.com/....

Metal Gallows: Thank you for taking the time for these questions. I know how busy you guys must be with the event day getting closer and closer. Anything you would like to say to the fans?

Stark Denial: Thank you for all your support. Stay true to what you believe, support metal music all over and most importantly CHEERS..... :) \m/

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