Thursday, December 19, 2013

Space God Ritual - Eldritch Tales - Album Review

Year: 2013

Eldritch Tales-The sophomore album of US Stoner/Doom metal band Space God Ritual-just months after their debut- is to be said; pure, unadulterated old school doom metal on the veins of Trouble and St.Vitus. The guitars are downtuned as usual, the drums slow and the vocals haunting and mystic,which takes you to another world, especially when you're tripping on substance.


The album is one long sequence of slow-drone guitar riffs, with typical stoner rock-style drumming designed to put you to 'sleep' mode, and those eerie vocals which hit you harder than a tranquillizer dart. There are also certain sweeping solos in between, also in the grain of standard-fare old school doom, which just enhances the experience.

I could say that the highlight of the album and erstwhile of the band, are the vocals. Lee Wadron's pipes are dreary and hypnotic and at the same time sinister, not differing from Eric Wagner or Mats Leven.

The lyrical theme is also one of total occult, mysticism and even horror. This is expected as the band cites their lyrical inspiration to one of the weirdest and  most horrific writers of our time - H.P. Lovecraft.

The only department where the album lacks is in variety. Every other song sounds the same. Same chords, same vocal progression and same kind of drumming. This can be overlooked to some extent as the genre itself is quite restrictive to variety.

To sum it all up, Eldritch Tales is Pure Fucking Doom. Next time when you feel like smoking a doob or having some brownies with your friends, you would consider blasting this album through your speakers.

Rating: 75%

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