Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel - Album Review

Year: 2013

Rhapsody of Fire is a Symphonic Power Metal band from Italy who are known to be one the pioneers in their sub-genre. The band is popular for fantasy lyrics written by founders Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli. They started with 'The Emerald Sword Saga' followed by sequel, 'The Dark Secret Saga'. It concluded in their last album 'From Chaos Till Internity' (2011) which also served as the last album for co-founder and guitarist Luca Turilli with the band. After that album , the band split in half with other half known as Rhapsody and referred to as Luca Turilli's Rhapsody. All lyrics till now were written by keyboardist Alex Staropoli and guitarist Luca Turilli. 'Darks Wings of Steel' marks the first Rhapsody Of Fire album without Turilli writing lyrics. Lyrics were written by Alex Staropoli and vocalist Fabio Lione. The band still kept the theme of fantasy lyrics in this album. Is it a start of new saga?

 This is actually my first time hearing this band. Power metal never really suited my tastes, but Rhapsody Of Fire changed my view with such a powerful album. The album starts with a very strong enchanting chorus intro, 'Vis Divina'. By the time the listener feels the theme and gets into it, the thrashing riffs of 'Rising From Tragic Flames' start and the symphony in background manage to evoke chills in the listener's spine. Music, vocals and enchanting choruses compliments each other and it feels like this song couldn't be more perfect.

The next track is 'Angel Of Light' which starts with a soothing note, but grows mightier as it progresses, followed by 'Tears Of Pain' which overflows with the energy resulting from the amalgamation of overpowering riffs and the gothic touch which grows on you making you hit the repeat button. One can feel the pain in the lyrics. 

'Fly To Crystal Skies' takes the listener totally to another dimension with it's guitar work and Fabio's vocal prowess. 'My Sacrifice' goes straight for the heart with it's perfect guitar that syncs beautifully with the other parts of music in it. 'Silver Lakes Of Tears' brings back the energy in a second courtesy rapid drumming and only to tread on calm waters the very next second. It includes a tincture of everything making it so good.

 The next track 'Custode Di Pace' is ballad, which though not in English is a really soothing one. 'A Tale Of Magic' and title track, 'Dark Wings Of Steel' are the real power of the album with strong vocals and madly thrashing riffs. Followed by 'Sad Mystic Moon' which have strong riffs contrasting with the calm and controlled vocals and with the enchanting chorus making it a complex yet simple, strong yet calm track. 

Overall album is quite strong and powerful yet staying so symphonic and soothing. I'll say one must buy it if he wants to taste something new metal as this album takes you on a beautiful journey.

Rating: 75%

Fabio Lione - lead vocals
Alex Staropoli - keyboards 
Alex Holzwarth - Drums
Oliver Holzwarth - Bass 
Robio De Micheli - Guitars

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  1. okey, i stopped reading when you said that alex wrote the lyrics, he never wrote any lyrics, besides, powerful album? and the first time you her them? this album is, BY FAR, their most simple and weak they have made, the songs sound like each other within the album, and sound like previous songs, this album is just ok, is not great, is not good, is just ok