Monday, February 10, 2014

Lachrymanopsia - Released EP - Album Review

Year: 2013

Death metal has always fascinated me and more so melodic death metal. Over the last few years the genre has seen an incredible number of quality bands from accross the globe. Now Lachrymanopsia is an alternative metal band with lots of melodic death influences. I had never heard of this band before and even pronouncing the name felt quite difficult for me. This a classic alternative metal and frankly I have not able to understand why they named this EP as 'Released' (Sounds too generic). The album is full of great death metal vocals which include both growling and screaming and also has lots of guitar solos.

The guitars, the drums and the vocals, all fit in perfectly and the bass definitely adds to the whole Lachrymanopsia experience. The albums got lots of surprises. Just when I thought the album is going to peak its heaviness in the middle, it didnt - a completely guitar solo melodic track ('3 KM Left'), falling short of being acoustic. 

Its starts of with synthetic guitars and the melodic riffs take over later with no vocals included in the song. My favourite song of the album is the song 'Nailed Down, Hammered On', the album pretty much gets really heavy from here and this song in particular has great axe work and some enjoyable death vocals - 6 minutes of amazing music, a great mix of brutality and melodic guitar work .

The last song has some words being spoken in a clean voice and it has a nu metal feel to it, but only for a few seconds before going back to the growling vocals and I find that some of the lyrics in this album is written in French too! There is so much variety, alternative and progressive stuff in this record, so much so that it iss difficult to consume the music in the first listen alone, as is the case with most other alternative bands.

The drum's blast beats adds more variety to the album and add to it the above mentioned death vocals and melodic guitars, it is an experience in itself. It is a great album for anybody looking for a alternative , progressive metal band with some crazy death metal vocals.The artwork tells a story in itself and the lyrics deal with various topics, but mainly focus on philosophical themes. And for a band that has self produced its debut work, the production is damn good with all the minute details of the instruments being brought out in the album. The album has great handbanging moments, but the only problem I have with this album, is that I feel it gets too technical with the solos and the riffs. Or may be its just me!

Now this is a album mostly for alternative metal fans and this being the first release from this Quebec, Montreal based band it's going to be interesting to see how these guys pan out in the next few years and the fact that this is their first release even though they have been active since 2007 indicates that they have taken their time to get along and bring out a quality EP. I am not the biggest fan of this type of music, but I will not shy away to embrace a good album once in a while. The band will do a favour for itself if it promotes more through some music videos and other means as I couldn't find enough quality info about the band from Google. Expecting good things from these guys. 

Rating: 80%

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