Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inner Temple - Inner Temple EP - Album Review

Year: 2013

Grunge is something we don’t hear much of these days. Even harder to find is a new grunge band. Inner Temple hail out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is strange to see a grunge band coming out of Philly and naturally I expected something different out of one the toughest cities in America. Nonetheless it was a welcome listen.

 Being a child of the 90’s this specific genre has a pretty big place in my fat monkey heart. Although they really have nothing new to contribute to the genre as a whole they do a pretty good job of nailing that old painful wail of a bygone era.

As far as the music is concerned the riffs are catchy, backed with the simple thump a bump of the snare and bass. The vocals sound like that old fashioned Layne Staley heroin crack as I call it. The song writing could be more original but all in all it comes together as a pretty sweet package. 

If it doesn’t take you down memory lane then maybe it’ll take down some new avenue you have yet to travel. They have all the similar symptoms of their forefathers the groaning vocal style, and the all too common acoustic jig.

But if you like grunge and you need a trip down memory lane this is the place to come and get your fix of them window pane blues, this is the go to band. I hope to see improvement with their next release and to be honest I’m kind of excited to see what they do next.

Rating: 75%.

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