Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview with Chaos

Year: 2014

Thrashfest is right around the corner! Beers and riffs aplenty, Hotel United 21 in Thane on February 9 is the place to be for the no-holds-barred thrash till death mayhem that will leave you broken, beat and scarred. An amazing line-up featuring bands like Devoid, Albatross to Systemhouse 33 will satiate your appetite for destruction to your dark heart's content. Along with these stellar bands, Chaos- the thrash metal powerhouse from Trivandrum, Kerala- will be more than a welcome surprise for those haven't heard them live yet. Nikhil N.R, the guitarist of Chaos tells us about the band's humble beginnings to the recording process of their debut 'Violent Redemption'.

MG: Tell us about the inception of Chaos?

Chaos: We started off as a college band back in 2005. JK ( vocals) and I wanted to start a band so we went about looking for musicians inside and outside of our college. Soon, we found a few guys and started playing competitions. I guess it’s pretty much the story of every band out there at the moment!

MG: How was it staring out as a metal band in Trivandrum where the regional film music has a huge influence?
Chaos: Back in the day, we didn’t really care about what’s popular or influential. We had a clear vision about what we’re trying to achieve as a band. So, the fact that the kind of music that we’re into was not that popular didn’t really come into the equation. We’ve started the band because of the love for the kind of music that we play, and we still carry on for the same reason. But the good thing is that the number of people open enough to appreciate the genre is increasing and more and more local bands are being recognized and appreciated.

MG: How do you feel about the metal scene in Kerala?

Chaos: Metal scene in Kerala is definitely on the rise. We’ve got some amazing bands coming out with kick ass records. Although the number of gigs happening in the state is not as much as we’d like, the quality and the quantity are scaling new heights!

MG: How was the whole recording process for your debut album ‘Violent Redemption’?

Chaos: The recording process for ‘Violent Redemption’ was an awesome experience. Keshav Dhar came to Trivandrum and stayed with us for over a week. We’ve rented out a house far from the city and set up the recording gear there. And before we knew it, ‘Violent Redemption’ just happened! We had even composed a couple of tracks, (Game and War Crime) then and there at the recording spot. It was unreal.

MG: Which band are you guys most excited to see at Thrashfest in Thane on February 9?

Chaos: Can’t just pin point one band. We’re so glad to be a part of such an amazing line up. I’m sure this one’s going to be a monumental gig!

MG: What do you have to say to the fans coming to see you at Thrashfest ?

Chaos: Get hammered, have a great fuckin' time! :D

MG: Thank you for your time. Give ‘em hell at Thrashfest.

Chaos: Thank you so much. Cheers! \m/

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