Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sorrows Path - The Rough Path Of Nihilism - Album Review

Year: 2010

Sorrows Path is band that was formed in 1993. 17 years later, in 2010, they released their debut album. In the time between their inception and the release of their debut album, this band has faced a lot of obstacles and tragedies. But despite all that, they have released a wonderful debut album.

Sorrows Path is a Doom Metal band hailing from Athens, Greece. They were formed back in 1993 by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar). In 1995, the bassist, Takis Drakopoulos, sadly passed away due to a brain disease. In 1998, the band went on a hiatus for two years, as the members had to serve mandatory military service. The turn of the new millineum saw tragedy strike the band once again, as the guitarist Kostas Salomidis was almost paralysed by a neck problem which he had got as a result of a motorcycle accident. This led to another 5 year break. After a lot of painful recovery, the band got back together once again in 2005. The very same year, some personal problems of the drummer, meant a line up change once again. From 2006, after years of doom, the band got back to making music. As a culmination of their efforts, their debut album titled 'The Rough Path Of Nihilism' was released through Rock It Up Records on 29th October, 2010.

This band cites early Doom Metal acts such Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus as influences for their music. A clear influence of these bands can be felt in Sorrows Path's music. But this band has ended up crafting a unique sound for themselves. Their music is the glorious matrimony of Doom Metal and Power Metal. These two genres come together to form an interesting sound that is unique to this album.

While the guitars wail of Doom Metal riffs, the melodic and theatrical voice of the vocalist, provides the Power Metal feel to the overall sound. The songs carry a lot of emotion as is mandatory on a doom record. The interplay between the heavy guitars and the melodic vocals sound intriguing. The gloomy history of the band, seems to have helped the band to slowly evolve, mature and incorporate a huge quotient of emotion in the music that they play.

The production is clean and the atmosphere is hauntingly melancholic. The guitar work shines through in moments of brilliance, especially during the solo parts. The riffs and the vocals are catchy and they leave a lasting impression on the listener. The drumming is good and it is ensured that it does not overpower any other element. The music is very bass heavy and it adds to the doom nature of the album.

The symphonic and gloomy atmosphere mixed with very harmonious vocals is something that is unique to this album. Lyrically, the band talks about love, lust, regret and almost every other emotion that comes as a part and parcel of romance, albeit in a very gloomy way. Some songs like 'All Love Is Lost', 'The Beast (S.P.R.)', 'Prostitute' etc are immediately likeable while some songs grow on you over repeated listens.

'The Rough Path Of Nihilism' is a very good record of epic doom metal and it serves as a suitable culmination to the efforts of the band.

Rating: 85%

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