Monday, May 13, 2013

Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy - Album Review

Year: 2013

In today's metal scene, there are very few bands that have shown consistent quality outputs. Even the best of bands have had some rough patches during their career. But this observation does not apply to the death metallers from Yonkers, New York. Immolation is one of those few rare bands that have given us quality albums time and time again. What is it that they do, that makes all their albums so enjoyable and gives them such consistency? 

Immolation is a Death Metal band from Yonkers, New York, USA. They are credited as one of the pioneers of the New York Death Metal scene alongside bands like Incantation, Suffocation etc. 'Kingdom Of Conspiracy' is their 9th full length, that was released on 10th May, 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records. 

If it is not broken, then don't fix it. This seems to be Immolation's formula for success. They are still holding fast to the sound that they created for themselves, over 20 years ago. Little has changed in terms of their music. A result of this steadfastness, is the release of some immensely good death metal year after year.

'Kingdom Of Conspiracy' is yet another release in a long line of quality albums released by this band. The heaviness that can only be defined as Immolation is present in this album also. The twin guitar driven sound laced by some tight drumming, sounds fresh as always. 

The different tempos of the various tracks and the brilliant writing by guitarist Robert Vigna, makes each song sound distinct and unique. The mixing is done in such a way that the drum sound is loud, yet not loud enough to drown out the guitars and the vocals. This succeeds in giving the overall sound a very powerful feel. 

The bass is also quite high in the mix. The guitar riffs are technical and engaging. The guttural death growls of the vocalist sounds menacing. As is known of Immolation, this album deals with political and anti religious subject matter. A special mention must be made of the intriguing album art by Par Olofsson.

This albums stands another one of the solid death metal albums released in 2013. Though this may not be breaking any new grounds in the genre, it cannot be refuted that this is a very solid release. The addition of a large amount of groove in their music seems to be the only thing in terms of innovation. This album however,  is no different from the rest of the excellent albums, this band has released over the years.

Rating: 90%

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