Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gregzeye - The End Days - Album review

Year: 2013

What kind of a name is Gregzeye? It sounds an awful lot like Greg's Eye. Upon some further inquiry into the origin of such an uncommon name, it turns out that my initial suspicions about the name was spot on. The members had actually named the band after their friend Greg, who had visited one of their rehearsals after hurting his eye on a beach umbrella! Well, don't let the name put you off. Because, listening to their debut album, it is not difficult to see the passion and talent that these lads possess.

Gregzeye is a Groove Metal band from Kutina, Croatia. They play some power packed groove metal very much in the lines of fore-runners like Pantera and Lamb Of God. Their debut album, titled 'The End Days' was released on 1st May, 2013. 

The biggest advantage that these guys have, is their very talented lead guitarist Karlo. This guy churns out riff after groovy riff that leaves the listener in complete awe. The wall of sound that these guys generate is very much founded on the riffs that the guitars produce. At times, the riffs have a mild death metal feel to them. The extended guitar solos only add to the awesomeness of the proceedings. There is a natural flow in the guitar solos, that it sits perfectly well within the tracks,

Groove, is the name of the game. These guys bring out so much groove in their song writing, that it almost becomes an overdose. This is not intended to be a flaw. It rather works in adding to the fluency of the music as a whole. The performances in each track is tight and well executed.

The vocalist delivers a type of suppressed scream and his voice adds an 'oomph' factor to the unrelenting wave of noise that these guys unleash. The drumming is almost flawless and in a certain tracks like 'Inner Blindness' and 'Fields Of Guilt', the drumming stands out with excellence. The bass section is adept, with the bass sound reinforcing the groove laden assault. 

Lyrically, these guys have written some dark rhymes. While the lyrics impress in the first half of the album, towards the end, it tends to get a little dull and mundane. In songs like 'This Poison' and 'We Are', the lyrical content could have been tweaked a little bit. 

This band reeks of the passion that they hold for the music they make. The skills and talent required are definitely present in huge proportions. 'The End Days' is a debut that is definitely worth checking out and it is just the beginning of what these guys have to offer. 

Rating: 80%

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