Friday, March 29, 2013

Watch Us Fade - Past, Present, Hell EP - Album Review

Year: 2013

Watch Us Fade is a Death Metal band hailing from Tamworth, United Kingdoms. They are an up and coming band formed in 2011. They play a style of death metal where they showcase a lot of influences from other genres as well. They released their second EP, titled 'Past, Present, Hell' on 28th March, 2013.

This is a very short EP comprising of 4 tracks that clock in at around 15 minutes. 'A Peaceful Dark World' serves as an introductory track to the album. As the track starts, a good guitar arpeggio begins. Followed by a small break, the distortion comes in, bringing along with it the heavy vocals. This track is a good intro and it showcases a good mix of the melodic and heavy stuff.

The first thing that is noticeable about the music is the guitar riffing. It is not the usual, generic chug-chug riffing that is found on most death metal these days. Rather, the riffs have melody and sound like it is influenced by classic Heavy Metal. In the track 'Iratus', the song flows smoothly from verse to a bone crushing breakdown. The transition is almost flawless. 

The vocalist shows good variations in his vocal work. There is a good amount of mix up between low growls and high shrieks. This aspect is particularly noticeable in the track 'Under Black Banners'. This is the most outstanding track amongst the four. 

The final track of the album 'Cadaverous' boasts  brilliant drumming work, especially at the intro. In this track, the band proves that they can not only handle mid tempo tracks, but can also shine in an up tempo song. 

The band showcase how to fuse Death Metal with some heavy metal melody, in a very effective way. All the members do a brilliant part in creating such heavy music. The vocalist steals the show with the amount of variation he shows. Guitar riffs are very memorable. The bass is audible and the drummer puts in enough fills to keep it entertaining. 

The band has all the talents to shine through. The production of the album sounds raw in places and it could have been handled better. But other than that, this EP has some standout tracks that shows how good these guys are. If you like death metal with some catchy and hooking riffs, keep an eye out for this band. 

Their EP is available for download at their bandcamp page :

Rating: 72%

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