Friday, March 22, 2013

Execution - Perversions And Blasphemy - Album Review

Year: 2013

Extreme Metal has always seen a mix of two or more sub genres over the course of it's existence. Some of the resulting products have been very successful, like Symphonic Black Metal, Deathgrind, Crossover Thrash, Doom Death Metal for example. So how about a combination of Black Metal and Thrash Metal with subtle influences of Speed Metal? It has been tried before by band like Absu and Skeletonwitch, but this type of music remains largely underground.

Execution, a band from Los Angeles, California, USA, plays this type of music and are very skilled at what they do. Their debut,  Perversions And Blasphemy was released on 5th March, 2013, through the record label Metalhit.com.

On one hand, there is the satanic evil of Black Metal. On the other hand, there is the blistering speed and high energy of Thrash Metal. When these two elements are brought together, it blends perfectly to create the perfect soundtrack for non stop headbanging and bone crushing moshpits.

This record is completely driven by fast tremolo pickings, overlaid with some brilliant lead work and typical black metal style vocals. The songs are infused with so much evil and speed. This does not mean that this album is a mess of similar sounding, mindlessly fast tracks that are indistinguishable. It is quite the opposite in this case.

Each track stands out and establishes an identity for itself. The riffs are crafted in such a way that they keep echoing in the listener's memory. The drums and the bass have a good variation in each track and they instill progression to the music. The drums could have been a little bit higher in the mix, as it would have made the sound more powerful. The vocals are similar to the ones you would expect on a raw black metal record. It sounds rough and atmospheric, a combination that creates a sense of evil. 

Production, is the weak point of this album. The overall sound is good, but when the guitar solo kicks in, the production ruins it completely. There is some really talented solo work in this album, that is marred by the mixing. To explain in detail, throughout the album, the guitars sound raw and aggressive. But during the solos, the guitar sounds too atmospheric and drowned by echoes. That is the only drawback on this album.

Taking cue from the album art, one can guess the lyrical content of this album. It is purely satanic and evil. A slight hint of goth, acts well to up the evil factor in the sound.

Overall, this is good debut from a talented bunch of satan worshippers. If they could just fix the issues with the mixing, they would do really well in the future. 

Rating: 85%

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