Saturday, March 2, 2013

Corpseflesh - Tattooed By A Blowtorch - Album Review

Year: 2013

Corpseflesh is an Australian Brutal Death Metal band. Their debut record 'Tattooed By A Blowtorch' was released on 29th January, 2013. It is a completely unexpected stunner from an unknown band. 

This record overflows with gore, right from the album title and the artwork, to the songs and their lyrics. It is putrid, horrifying and down right disgusting. All these, are the mark of a good brutal death metal band.

The thing about this genre that is a turn off for me, are the oft employed pig squeal style of vocals. It is indecipherable to the point where even having the lyrics seem meaningless. That problem did not arise here, as the vocalist Ewza Flesh-Grinder, does guttural death growls instead of squeals. His vocals are absolutely menacing and unrelentingly brutal.

The band carries some obvious grindcore influence, which is felt predominantly in the guitar work. They manage to combine chainsaw guitar work with some well written death metal riffs. The bass guitar does not meekly follow in the backdrop, but rather jumps to the forefront, adding tremendous amount of heaviness and brutality into the mix. The drummer does well to mix things up, with fast thrashy segments and slow brutal sections taking turns throughout the record.

The band cleverly infuses some spoken word samples in some of the songs. For example, the first few minutes of the opener, 'Raped By A Carcass', has the sounds of a woman being killed/raped. It can only be defined as spine chilling.  In contrast, the thick Aussie accent at the end of 'Festering Gash', managed to make me laugh. 

As the tracks progress, the overall sound does tend to get a little monotonous. But that does not take away the fact that, each song manages to surpass the other in terms of quality. The production of this record is raw  and the atmosphere feels like flies flying over a putrid cadaver. 

'Tattooed By A Blowtorch'  does not come anywhere close to reinventing the brutal death metal genre. It follows the usual formulas and remains as a straightforward, in-you-face brutal record. It is a very fun record. It does not matter that it is a regular brutal death metal record, for it is, a very well done brutal death metal record.

Rating: 90%

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