Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Interview with Grossty

Year: 2014

Urban Dictionary defines Grossty as something which “Describes something so revolting in nature that the words gross or nasty alone would not be enough”.

Grossty have grown up in the Grind hub of Asia-Bangalore. Their music is unpredictable and fun, and that’s what sets it apart from others. The band is scheduled to play at the Transcending Obscurity Fest along with bands like Albatross, Djinn & Miskatonic , Fragarak ,Gutslit, Insane Prophecy ,Cosmic Infusion, Orion and Stark Denial

We had a little chat with them before the gig:

MG: Yo guys! How are you guys doing? ‘Grossty’-How did you come up with that? There has to be a story behind the name.

Grossty: Same bolus, different days mate. Bad Influence came with Gro, pimp – ty and Monk Killa filled up the blanks with ss. No wonder we guys are scientists.

MG: For those who don’t know you,who do you comprise of?

Grossty: If we ain’t wrong, then

Orphan – Bass
Monk Killa – Guitar
Kuchi – Drums
Bad Influence and Pimp -- Vox

MG: You are quite an odd band the even to the usual Metalhead. How did you guys come to be?

Grossty: Randomness is the key. We reckon the following as dreary:

-- Vocalist pulls up the crowd by his feral sermon.
-- Tracks’ names get announced.
-- Band takes up mammoth breaks between the songs.
-- Cuppers and oinks.
-- Drummers seduce vagoos with oodles of double bass patterns.
-- Guitarists who call their bands as technical with their irking solos and farty breakdowns.

MG: Your lyrics are odd and fairly amusing at the same time. How do you choose an appropriate name for a song?

Grossty: Pure randomness. Penning down lyrics about serious stuff is cheesy.

MG: Two vocalists are not a common sight in the scene. Does it impact the style you play?

Grossty: The major reason for dual vocals not being common in our scene is, we got loads of super talented cuppers who can generate therion’s power. “Cheesy cheesy as my granny’s vulva”.

Mate here we go. We got punk lust and damn lecherous to use those in our tracks. So we use gang shouts. Also got 2 different growls, 3 different screams etc. To be candid, most of our jam sessions are crammed by working on vocals. 

MG: How would you describe your music to an EDM fan?

Grossty: Got no fuckin clue abt EDM. So googled and found 2 things. Enterprise Data Management and Electronic Dance Music. So we crushed our brains and finally found the latter as pertinent.
Now why the fuck do we gotta describe our feces to EDM corporate fucks?

MG: In 2013, you signed on to Transcending Obscurity. What made you take this decision?

Grossty: We found Choksi.

MG:Your music has been received well by Indian fans. How has the journey been so far?

Grossty: Thanks a granny nature peeholic ton. Journey has been icing on pussy buns.

MG: Grossty gigs are said to be fun and wild. What is the wildest thing that has happened at one of your gigs?

Grossty: Wildest thing – we played tight once.

MG:If you had to share the stage with a rock band, which band would it be?

Grossty: Any of (Rest In Pussy) GG Allin’s bands. King of scum(punk and rock n roll).

MG: You are scheduled to play at the Transcending Obscurity fest in May. What can fans expect from you at the concert?

Grossty: Randomness with zero crowd interaction.

MG: A new logo was just released a few days ago. Will you be releasing merch in due time?

Grossty: Check Transcending Obscurity for update. 

MG: As of now, you have released a Split and an EP. What are your plans for the future?

Grossty: Some of our tracks in those split and EP are cheesy and worse than a granny’s indigested tummy sound.
So will excrete a proper nasty fukin grind/punk full length.

Grossty will be a part of the line up at Transcending Obscurity Fest, which is scheduled to take place on the 11th of May 2014, at Hotel United 21, Mumbai.

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