Saturday, April 12, 2014

Grossty - Grossty - Album Review

Year: 2013

These days, metal bands try too hard to stand out in an already overcrowded genre. They try to be more brutal, more technical and more dark, that in the process their albums become a type of a serious affair. In such a time, perhaps the only way to stand out is to let go of the usual conventions and just have fun with the music. That is a concept well understood by Bangalore based grind band, Grossty, as illustrated in the band's self titled debut. By being random, the band has crafted for itself, a sound that can be instantly associated with them.

Released in September, 2013 'Grossty' is a very short album comprising of 8 tracks. Now whatever one might expect going into this record, all that is bound to be shattered the moment one presses the play button. 

The album kicks off with what sounds like someone moaning over the microphone, before the distorted punk riffs kick in, in the track 'T.V. is Full of Crap'. Everything about this band is random. Musically too, it is as diverse as it gets, as the guitar riffs vary from crusty punk riffs, to heavy grinding with everything in between. There are moments where the band decides to slow it down and at these parts, they sound almost doom-ish ('Incarcerated it Seems').

While the guitar carries on with the manic onslaught, the drummer does a fine job of keeping up with all the chaos in the music. Same can be said about the bass which can be heard distinctly in the mix. This band has two vocalists who go by the name of Bad Influence and Pimp. There is no uniform vocal style in this album, as these guys do everything from shrieking, growling, grunting, pig squealing to just plain moaning.

The song names are as absurd as it gets. Just to give you an example, there is a track that goes by the name, 'Anal Fuck Balls Clapping Near Vagina when the Dog is Licking my Ass'. The lyrics are often indecipherable and I'm pretty sure that some of the songs contain just random grunting from the vocalists. 

Production is pretty decent, as it has the necessary roughness to the tone without compromising on the audibility of any of the elements in the music. Only drawback with the album might be that it is too short and ends before you know it.

All in all, this is an album that gets as random as possible. Is it too random to make it unlistenable and unlikeable? Not at all. Rather the randomness serves to remind the listener that sometimes it is just about letting loose, going berserk and having fun. 

Rating: 85%

Grossty will be a part of the line up at Transcending Obscurity Fest, which is scheduled to take place on the 11th of May 2014, at Hotel United 21, Mumbai.

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