Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything - Album Review

Year: 2013

It's 2 a.m. at night, I plug in the earphones, switch off the lights, close my eyes, getting ready to explore everything. Arjen Lucassen has given new direction to metal, created a new level of metal. Ayreon's music has never been limited to one genre. It's music has always touched the heart of everyone that listened to it. Arjen, the mastermind behind Ayreon is the master of transitions. With each and every album he amazes everyone and causes them to love him even more.

Aryeon is not just a musical project, it also promotes the underrated singers by giving them a chance to record with known musicians. There has been debate lately as to whether Floor Jansen, being new Nightwish vocalist, can be equally be great as Tarja. Arjen had given her chance in last album 01011001 and she had a great gothic voice and showed potential of doing total justice as a vocalist.

Arjen is the type of musician who cannot stick to a tone for more than 1 minute. Music changes totally every minute, from rock to metal to folk to country. Clip! Clap! Boom! Tone change, Clip! clap! Boom! Tone change. This tune changing ability is what makes Ayreon different, makes it unique. You can only expect 1 thing from Ayreon's music, and that is it's unexpected change, that's the beauty.

Arjen has kept Ayreon's uniqueness in this album too. The album only has 4 tracks, each a li'l over 20 minutes and each song is divided into segments. Each segment brings new tone with it. ‘Theory Of Everything’ is not just a conceptual album, , it is a 89 minutes long audio movie. It was the best movie I every watched. In previous albums Ayreon had explained or imagined new things. In this album Arjen has solved the mystery of the world, but he hasn’t answered the question himself. He ends the album with a question, leaving the listeners to find the answers.

The album’s story revolves around an introverted genius who finds a master equation to explain everything, but on being continuously asked how he did this, he is not able to explain. His rival trying to put him down, parents worrying about him being delusional, Psychiatrist blaming him for not being able to feel anything, his father drugging him for him to explain him everything, creates a perfect story moulded in a form of songs.

The album comes out on October 28, 2013 under label of Inside Out Music. Grab the album and solve the riddle yourself. Instrumental segments guarantees to blow your mind away while the vocals and lyrics to take you another world.

Rating: 90%

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