Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gutslit - Skewered In The Sewer - Album Review

Year: 2013

When someone mentions the brutal side of metal, India is not exactly the country that pops into one's mind. The reason is that there are not many brutal death metal bands from India. The number of proper bands playing brutal stuff can be counted on a single hand. But however few these bands are in number, their music sure does pack a punch. Leading this legion of brutal death metal bands is the almighty Gutslit.  This band has been playing an active role in propagating this heavy art form since 2007. After releasing a split in 2009, the band's much awaited debut full length is finally here! Was it worth the wait?

'Skewered In The Skewer' was released on May 2013 and true to its name, it is a dirty record, exactly the way brutal death metal records are expected to be. It is a collection of 9 filthy tracks that would leave you earning for a tetanus shot by the end of the album.

Let us take a moment here to admire the beautifully grotesque album art by the very talented Mark Riddick. The album art alone speaks volumes about the nature of the album's contents. The music in the album lives up to all expectations laid out by this album art. Following a short introductory track in the form of 'Prelude To Putrifaction', the guitar riffs begin to pound the listener with wave after wave of heavy slamming riffs.

Complementing the guitars of Dynell Bangera, is the thundering bass work of Gurdip Singh Narang. Together, this duo unleash a wall of riffs that makes it so hard not to head bang . The deep gutturals and squeals of Aditya Barve add a shuddering edge to the music. The vocalist keeps things varied between growls and squeals with the occasional shrieks added in for good measure, thereby effectively avoiding monotony. Assisting him on the track 'Circumcised With A Chainsaw' is none other than the powerhouse called Mallika Sundaramurthy. Her growls are instantly identifiable and distinguishable from that of Aditya's. 

 There are enough slam portions here to make me want to start a one man mosh pit everytime I listen to this record. At times, there is a technical feel to all the riffs. There are samples used on this record, however they are kept to bare minimum. The drumming on this record is programmed, but it feels natural enough that it almost feels like it was done manually. This can be credited to the experienced programming by Workshop drummer Hamza Kazi. I can only imagine how Gutslit drummer Aaron Pinto would be capable of demolishing the stage while performing these tunes in a live setting. The production by Jeff Fischer has the required amount of muddiness, while also keeping all the elements at audible levels. 

'Skewered In The Sewer' is not a unique album and that alone might be its only drawback. It feels like its all been heard before. That being said, this album is nothing short of entertaining. Listening to this album makes me throw my fist in the air and flash the horns. It makes me want to start a circle pit, even if I'm the only one in the room. Truth be told, this album could have been a masterpiece if a few more hooks had been thrown it. 

Overall, this is a must buy for any brutal death metal fan and it is an album that is likely to set the theme for many such brutal bands in the country.

Rating: 84%

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