Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thy Raventhrone - End - Album Review

Year: 2013

What is it about the Finns? Whatever they touch, it turns grand and melodic. I can safely say that the majority of music coming out of Finland, have this very melodic and very epic feel to them. It has got to do something with the Finnish landscape, filled with beautiful forests, majestic hills, the northern European climate etc. So it really comes as no surprise that the music made by inhabitants of such a awe inspiring place, sounds so beautiful. Speaking of Finnish melodic metal, Thy Raventhrone has the very same formula, containing ingredients of melody, grandeur and atmosphere.

Thy Raventhrone is the brainchild of  Jani Kalin. A one man project out of Salo, Finland, Thy Raventhrone features a brand of instrumental Atmospheric Metal with a huge serving of melody. Thy Raventhrone is Kalin's second release, after Netherdream EP (a promo for one of the songs from this album) which was released earlier this year.

Speaking of the album, it is a fine example of how various tweaks can be added to one single idea, and how a variety of results can be achieved from that. The album is entirely built up from a single tune, with Kalin adding a variety of melodic leads and a variety of instrumentation to that one tune. This is not a bad thing at all, as the number of elements added to the tune makes for a very interesting listen. 

The atmosphere is the main hero here, as it is the atmosphere that carries the entire album. Layers upon layers are built up on this atmosphere. The music itself is so intriguing and deep that it is highly possible for the listener to get lost among these layers. 

As like the trademark of any music from Finland, this album too has that melody and epic quality. Usage of a variety of instruments like keyboards, electric guitars, church organs etc. makes this a venture bathed in grandeur. The drumming nicely complements everything going on around it, without taking the attention away from the main act, that being the atmosphere and melody.

Though the entire album is built up from one single tune, it does not take away the feeling of enigma even upon repeated listens. What this album achieves, is to take the listener on a weird, yet beautifully melodic trip, into the vast layers of its music.

Though the album is divided into five tracks, it does not feel that way at all. The overall experience, feels like one massive orchestration, with the atmosphere taking the lead. End by Thy Raventhrone, contrary to the name, is the just the beginning of a very grand scheme. 

Rating: 80%

Album available for free streaming HERE!

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