Friday, August 9, 2013

Plague Throat - An Exordium To Contagion - Album Review

Year: 2013

When it comes to the Indian Metal Scene, if there is one place where one can look for some quality, underground bands delivering some solid extreme metal, then that place would be the North East. This land of the hills has given rise to some of the big names in extreme metal like Alien Gods, IIIrd Sovereign, Agnostic, Dark Carnage etc. Plague Throat is one such band, which had been causing shock waves in the underground scene for quite some time. Now, it is the time for these underground mammoths to unleash their debut record. So how have they fared in this venture?

Plague Throat hails from Shillong, Meghalaya, and their sound can be best described as straight up Death Metal. Their debut EP, titled 'An Exordium To Contagion' was released on 8th August 2013, through Incanned Productions. 

Their brand of Death Metal is absolutely pure, with no added frills and its description does not involve the usage of a list of  endless sub genres. It can be described as an almost unadulterated version of the genre. This three piece band pack quite a punch with this record, with tight instrumental delivery. The guitar riffs by Nangsan, are the typical down tuned power chord progressions, with quite a few tremolo parts thrown in for good measure. What makes these riffs enjoyable is the way the progressions are structured and composed.

The vocal work is an amalgamation of high shrieks and low decipherable growls, unleashed by the bassist Iai and Nangsan. The two ends of the vocal work sync together to give a very bestial and demonic feel to the songs. A good thing about the songs themselves are that they get straight to the point, right out of the gate, without beating around the bush.

The mid tempo rhythm carries quite a bit of groove and the songs are definitely worth more than a few headbangs. The tremolo sections, especially when accompanied by the shrieks, gives off the slightest Black Metal vibe. The drums, though programmed, adeptly carry the rhythm section without a hint of monotony. I'm sure it would be a treat to hear the drum sections being nailed by drummer Malice, during the live performances.

One complain though, is regarding the productions. The mixing of the instruments are done well, with even the bass staying high in the mix. But when it comes to the vocal sections, they sound quite compressed and stay relatively low in the mix. Such a bestial vocal delivery surely deserves to be heard above the other elements.

An appreciable thing, is how the band has managed the length of the songs. The songs neither stay for too long, nor leave without making the expected impact. Overall, this is a solid release from the underground titans. This EP is an arsenal of chunky riffs and meaty breakdowns, making up for a solid Death Metal package.

Rating: 82%

This EP can be purchased from Incanned Productions

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