Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn - Album Review

Year: 2012

Initially, even before i had heard a single track, my assumption had been that they played the modern version of melodic death metal filled with neo-classical riffs accentuated with growling vocals and keyboard overdrives. But two minutes into the opening track, 'Beckoning Oblivion,' all such assumptions were shattered away.

Bloodshot Dawn is a four piece band from Portsmouth, UK. This self titled debut album, was self released by the band on January 26th, 2012. The album consists of 11 tracks and just falls short of the one hour mark, clocking in at 51.4 minutes. In terms of quality of the music, all i can say is that they exceed all expectations.

If I have to summarize their style of music in a few words, i will say this is melodeath done right. It is fast and pacy. More importantly, it makes one want to bang his head. There is a fair deal of thrash-iness in the music. While most bands today brand themselves as a melodic death metal outfit, while in reality playing power metal or traditional heavy metal with growling death metal vocals, this band seems to know what its doing.

The lead guitar duties are shared between Ben Ellis and Josh McMorran, who also does the vocals. The twin lead attack offers a death metal feel to the songs while maintaining the melodic element as well. The best part of the songs, would have to be the guitar solos. The technical playing is capable of sending the listener into a realm of brutal, yet melodic death.

This is not to say, that the other elements dont stand out. Drummer Doug Anderson, rips out waves and waves of unrelenting beats , contributing a lot to the thrashy nature of the music.  Anthony Ridout is a capabale bassist and along with the drummer, he completes a solid rythm section.

The album as a whole, does not contain a single track which comes anywhere close to being termed a filler. Each track is unique in it's own way , in terms of the technical riffs, solos or just the overall impression it leaves. Every track boasts it's own identity. Coming to the production, it is good with all the elements sounding just right, though it could have been a tad bit better.

If I had to pick the best among these tracks, 'Forlorn World', 'The Quantum Apocalypse', and the closing track of the album, 'Archetype', would be my tracks of choice.

 Every part about this record is good and i cannot find any fault in it. In no way does this record sound like a debut effort. The band sounds matured and experienced. What surprises me is the fact that such a talented band is still unsigned by any record label. These lads have what it takes to create masterful and brutally beautiful music.

Rating: 98%

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