Monday, February 24, 2014

Woslom - Evolustruction - Album Review

Year: 2013

Brazil has remained one of the favourite place for all the thrash fans across the globe for the quality and the number of thrash bands that have emerged from this football crazy country. Woslom is another one of those bands which keeps the thrash flag high in the continent and has managed to create its own identity in the midst of the emergence of the dozens of thrash bands with each passing day. Over the years after listening to dozens of the thrash bands, I realize that thrash metal has more flavour and variety to it than most people recognise. Woslom gives you that different flavour of thrash not commonly heard these days, and its not a bad one by any means!

The album 'Evolustuction' is full of headbangable riff filled thrash songs.The album is not totally a fast paced one (though it contains large parts of it) and has a lot of melody to it on the lines of Artillery, and Kryptos (only 2 names that come to my mind when it comes to melodic thrash). The songs are occasionally anthemic as one would expect with this type of music and it also has lots of catchy guitar riffs and solos for your air guitaring pleasure which also makes the listener to stand up and head bang along to it.

The vocals somehow disappoint me. I just get a feeling that the vocals dont do justice entirely to the other elements of the album and I feel it should have been more guttural or loud. The bass plays an important roll in this album and is clearly audible in songs like 'River of Souls'. The guitars and the drums satisfy me though they offer nothing extraordinary. But they do enough to keep the album's energy levels up.

The album contains a cover of the song 'Breakdown' by another Brazilian thrash band Mad Dragzter which has a few screaming vocals breaking the monotony. The lyrics deal with the idea of life's choice that we make and the pain that life contains and the death that follows it.

The album clocking just above 42 minutes, as a whole is a good package but falls short of being extraordinary especially due to the disappointing vocals. But this sophomore album gives enough hope for better things to come from them and I just hope they up the anti and stay consistent because in this day and age where there are hundreds of bands emergind each day, it's very easy to be forgotten in this volatile genre.

Rating: 70%

P.S.: These thrashers from Sao Paulo, Brazil have been touring extensively and have already done 26 shows in 26 cities in 7 countries and have done more than 40 shows in Brazil alone and its interesting to note that their website post dated November 6 says their tour included "7000 km run in central Europe and 2500km run in Russia !!"

Silvano Aguilera : Vocals,Guitar
Rafael Lak : Lead Guitar
Francisco Stanich Jr : Bass
Fernendo Oster :Drums

Signed to Punishment 18 Records. 
Album Release date : 28 February 2014

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