Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lucid Skies Hounds EP Review

Year: 2013

There are things to like and things to dislike. But that’s the way it goes with everything as nothing is perfect. The same goes for this EP. But none the less, I enjoyed listening to it. I am not going to lie about that. I had a very long time to take it in and digest all of its subtleties, as well as the more prominent factors. Above all stand out the meshing of melody and heavy riffs which doesn’t happen too often in the realm of modern hardcore.

 The EP starts with an interesting note, a small filler leading into an assault on the ears. From there, the heavy riffs carry you through to interesting melodic hooks and then to break downs that aren’t the same old rehashed shit, as we have come to expect from modern “hardcore” bands. The thing most enjoyable would be the fact that they don’t bore you with the same chugga chuggaga chug style guitars whcih we have become so familiar with.

 Lucid Skies has a long way to go before they reach their peak and I wish them the best on their journey to the point of their mountain.

But for now improvements could be made in the song writing. All the songs seem to go along the same format of the traditional riff - chorus - riff - bridge - end. But that’s all that’s really bad about it.

Other than that the songs have a steady flow of energy and drive to keep you interested. Their experimentations with the bass on the track 'With Eyes' could use a little bit more skill in its execution. But all in all this shit gets the thumbs up and I would recommend this band if you enjoy Hatebreed and other bands similar to them.

Rating: 90%

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