Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Interview with Cosmic Infusion

The Indian metal scene is no stranger to Black Metal. Over the years, many Black Metal bands have come and gone but only a few have stood the test of time. One such band, is Cosmic Infusion from Mumbai. Formed in 2003 and having survived many lineup changes, the band has finally delivered a self titled EP that lives up to the long wait. The band is also part of the line up in the upcoming third edition of Black Metal Krieg, a festival that exclusively features Black Metal bands in the country. I got a chance to interview the band, thanks to Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity. Here's how it went...

Metal Gallows: Hails brethren!

Cosmic Infusion: Hails!

MG: Congratulations on the EP release. First of all, I want to ask, why Black Metal? What does the genre mean to you? 

CI:  Thanks a lot. The EP is quite special to us and we are quite proud of it.

CI:  Black Metal is something that has come quite naturally to us. To be really honest, we were writing Black Metal music even before we really got exposed to Black Metal. That is probably because where we come from. Black Metal is a not just a mere genre of music, it’s much more. We believe it’s a way of leading your life, doing the things you want to do and the way you want to do them.

MG: Usually, black metal bands sporting corpse paint, preach about Satan and promote Satanism through their lyrics. But you guys have lyrics about interesting topics like life, death etc. What inspires you to write about these topics?

CI: We are quite heavily inspired by the places around us. We spend a lot of time in the forest, which feels really empowering and gives us a feeling of being pure. We have included a few clips from those places in our upcoming DVD ‘Rise Of The Funeral Smoke’ which is Cosmic Infusion live in Mumbai. We believe the tremendous power of nature, your own life and the world around you, inspires and gives you a lot to think and write about.

MG:  Coming to the EP, while most bands today go for elaborate artworks on the cover of their albums, you have gone for a simple and effective band picture. What is the story behind that?

CI: We, as a band, were always everything about playing live and about the Cosmic Infusion experience. When we decided to put the record out, we had to a put a part of the Cosmic Infusion experience on the cover of the release and at the same time we've tried to bring out the essence of a track ‘Acronycal Éloge’ onto it, so that not only can people relate to the band directly when they listen to the record but also relate more to the track as well. We had envisioned this cover about 6 months before the final print was out.

MG: How has the reception for the EP been so far?

CI: The EP has been received quite well from the local metalheads, the metal heads around the country and even abroad, we must say.

MG: Of late, the releases from Indian bands have not only shown an upward trend in terms of quality, but also in terms of quantity. Being a part of the scene, what do you think is the reason behind this trend?

CI: A major reason for both the quality and the quantity with respect to releases, is the ease with which good quality recording equipment can be acquired. There are tons of home studios with quite decent gear and the services to the same can be availed at quite decent prices. This is good for the bands because it helps them put out their work quickly and in the way that want it.

MG:  I understand that you were recently signed on to Transcending Obscurity India. Kunal has been doing a more than fine job of promoting local acts. How do you guys feel about being a part of a new and coming label?

CI: We started working with Kunal with the release of the EP, when he agreed to help us out with the distribution of the release. Having worked with him, we know how diligently and professionally he carries out his work. When he told us about TOI and the plans he had, we were quite comfortable to sign onto TOI.

MG: Black Metal Kreig III is coming up and you guys are part of the bill. What can the fans expect at the gig? Have you guys planned anything special for the gig?

CI: BMK is a fantastic initiative and we are quite looking forward to it. We are going to be bringing one of the most destructive sets to BMK.

MG: Which bands would you say have inspired you to make such wonderful music?

CI: Since our music draws subtle influences from a vast array of genres, its difficult to single out bands. But our primary influence has always been the Scandinavian Black Metal bands.

MG: Finally, what is in store for Cosmic Infusion fans in the near future?

CI: The next immediate thing is the ‘Rise of The Funeral Smoke’ DVD, followed by shows around the country where we’ll try to reach out to as many extreme metal heads as possible and a lot of music making.

MG: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Much appreciated!

CI: Cheers! It was nice talking to you.

The début EP of the band can be streamed and purchased HERE!

Check out Cosmic Infusion's Facebook Page


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