Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seed Of Sorrow - Seed Of Sorrow EP - Album Review

Year: 2013

In today's scenario, there a tons of new metal bands being formed every single day. Bands have started popping up in every part of this planet, creating the music that they love and adore. The sheer volume of bands coming into existence each day, causes a lot of bands to be overlooked. Some of these bands are truly worthy of more attention than what they are getting at the moment. One such new and upcoming band is Seed Of Sorrow.

Seed Of Sorrow, hailing from Inverness, Scotland, is a five piece Death Metal band that is barely a couple of years old. But being the busy and talented bunch that they are, the band already boasts five own compositions to its name.

The music of this band, is predominantly mid tempo style of Death Metal filled with subtly technical guitar parts. The band seems to draw heavy influence from band like Veil Of Maya and Meshuggah, with start stop passages in songs veering close to the Djent style, seen especially in songs like 'Human Scum' and 'Who Gives A F*ck?'. For a band that is just starting out and is in the procedure of establishing themselves, Seed Of Sorrow showcase a lot of variety in their songs and writing.

The songs themselves have a lot of hook sections that can easily get stuck in the minds of the listeners. The growls by vocalist Lewis Goodwin, add a layer of power and heaviness over the technical guitar work. The bass section adeptly complements the riffs and the presence of the bass is clearly heard over the other elements. The drumming by John Murray exhibits a lot of start and stop sections which are timed very neatly (case in point, the song 'Fought And Died For'). There are even a few clean sections thrown into the songs now and then.

To be honest, when checking out this band, I did not expect them to be as good as they have now proved to be. Seed Of Sorrow is definitely a band that one should keep an eye on. Do give these Scottish lads a listen, for some modern death metal action.

Rating: 70%

The entire EP can be streamed below. 

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