Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Chat With Kracken Kelly Of "Foreshadow"

Foreshadow are an American Death Metal band hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Having successfully released one studio album and an EP to some really good reception, the band is all set to tour the world. They are currently set to play their music in China and are also pushing for a tour in Europe. We, at Metal Gallows, had a chance to have a chat with the drummer of the band, Kracken Kelly. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Metal Gallows: So, how did it all begin? How did you find your way into Foreshadow? 

Kracken Kelly: Well, before Foreshadow, I was playing the drums for Creepshow Mofo from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am actually from North Carolina. A buddy of mine got in touch with a band from Florida who needed a drummer. So I checked them out and the first time I listened to Foreshadow, I was sold by the old school riffs mixed with some Dying Fetus drumming and the bone chilling vocals, with a thumping bass. So I went a bought a UHaul, packed up, quit my job on the spot and left for Florida.

MG: Wow. That shows the confidence you had in the band. So what happened next? Any interesting incidents involving the band?

KK: When I got to Florida, I found out that Foreshadow was going on tour in less than a week! Their previous drummer had left the band, one week before the USA Tour. So I bought some more equipment and I had only 2 days to learn 9 songs. Needless to say I "brought a miracle" as Aaron, our guitar player says. 

MG: You guys have been going on tours for a while now. Which is the most memorable thing that happened on your tours?

KK: We have had some adventures on the tour and we have grown a very strong relationship as family, friends, as a band, as a band of brothers. The chemistry is insane. One of the biggest incidents in this tour happened when we were in Pueblo, Colorado.  We went to Karaoke bar and there was an incident with a friend of ours. A fight broke out in the parking lot and well, a gun got pulled out. It was aimed at our vocalist and me being ex-military, I went back to those days and wrestled the guy. He whipped me with his pistol and well, I ended up in the ER. I lost a lot of blood and the docs told me I had a severe concussion. That did not stop me though. I ended up playing a show 2 days later. We have each other's back, no matter how bad the situation and the outcome. Hail to metal!

MG: Must have been a pretty intense situation. 

KK: Yeah, it was. Haha. And now I have a heavy metal fuckin' scar on the side of my head!

MG: As a band, which artists do you look up to? Who would you say are the biggest influence to your sound?

KK: Well, for Foreshadow in general, we all have our influences from Dark Tranquillity, Nile, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and there's quite a few more.  We love heavy metal. Haha. Me, I am a die hard Slayer fan. Reign In Peace, Jeff. 

MG: Did you grow up with extreme metal?

KK: Slayer was my first show. I was 7 years old and my dad says, "I raised my boy fuckin' metal. So I brought him to see Slayer". Haha. I'm also a huge fan of Tim Yeung. He is amazing in Morbid Angel, also another Florida metal band and in Divine Heresy, he was fuckin' killer. I love Lamb Of God. Chris Adler has been a big influence for me. 

MG: Speaking of bands from Florida, how does it feel to be based from the same place as bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel etc?

KK: It's a privilege. Haha. I mean, Death Metal took off in Tampa and is still killing it. I'm very happy to say Tampa Bay, Florida, is my new home. 

MG: You guys are all set to play in Europe and China! Is there any place you are looking forward to play at?

KK: Well, we are pushing for Europe. We want to dominate the whole world. Haha. I do know that me, the vocalist and the bassist are dying to play in Ireland as we are Irish. We just want to show the whole world that metal will never die and we intend to keep it that way.

MG: Given the recent happenings (the Randy Blythe incident), the concept of moshing has come into a lot of controversy. When it comes to the type of music that you play, I'm sure the crowd must get rowdy. What is your say on it?

KK: I basically grew up in the pit and there is the knowledge that it is for fun and not violence. But nowadays, these kids go into the pit looking for trouble and that has to stop. I mean, it's a show. Enjoy yourselves but also, if you get into a pit, you need to know that it will be rough. Some people shouldn't be in there. It's like I always say, "If you get in the pit, prepared to get your ass whipped!". It's just like a ballet for us metalheads.

MG: Well said. But there seems to be a trend among bands to try and out brutalize each other.

KK: I know! I'm sick and tired of these pretty boy bands like Black Veil Brides who try to get their fans to be more violent. Thing is, venue owners are tired of paying for all the damages. Also, all the politicians say that the youth are corrupted by video games. I say, look at these bands and their shows. I mean, it was never cool to cut your wrists, before these scene bands showed up. I am saying, that true metal bands, like our influences, have fun with their fans, but they control the pits. The most violent shows are poser metal like Suicide Silence and Black Veil Brides.

MG: Haha. That is true. Last year, you guys released your EP, The Stranger End Of Death. How has the reception been from the fans?

KK: It's been amazing. We have a lot of support and the crowd at our shows love the music we play! We have been playing our new songs and it looks like the recording for our new CD will begin next year when we hit the studio. 

MG: That's great. Can't wait to hear the new material. What advise would you give to aspiring bands?

KK: Practise, practise, practise, practise and never give up on the dream. The biggest thing about this business is that it takes money to get money. So at first, it may seem like nothing is going well for you and your band. Right when you feel that it's never going to work, push yourself a little bit more and you will see that good things will come. 

MG: Cheers man! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Good luck with the band!! 

KK: Thanks, my fellow metalhead. Hail to Metal!!

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