Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jungle Rot - Terror Regime - Album Review

Year: 2013

In many of today's modern Death Metal music, one can find a lot of technical riffs, odd time signatures, loads of progression in the song structures and so many other tricks that makes the music sound complex. But strip all that away and what are you left with? Just some heavy, brutal and primitive Death Metal. This is what Jungle Rot achieve with their new album. If you prefer some no nonsense, old school and heavy as fuck Death Metal, you will not be disappointed with 'Terror Regime'.

Jungle Rot is an American Death Metal band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. Despite boasting an 18 year long existence with 7 studio albums and 4 EPs, they manage to hold on to their signature style of old school Death Metal. Their 8th studio album 'Terror Regime', was released on 19th March, 2013.

This band delivers riff after riff in every track and they do it in true old school style. These riffs are simple and thrashy death metal riffs with no technical trickery on the guitar. They do however, incorporate huge amounts of groove in their music. Tracks like 'Voice Your Disgust', 'Blind Devotion', 'Rage Through The Wasteland' and 'Pronounced Dead' are addictive and head banging is a must for these tracks. It is interesting what the band can achieve with just tremolo picking, palm muting and some groovy solos. 

Praise to the drummer for not drowning the entire album with double bass blast beats. The drumming is simple and yet showcases a lot of variety. The vocalist uses some low gutturals and they add a rough edge to the proceedings. The bass guitar was disappointing as it just follows the drums throughout the album.

Listening to this album, it is almost borderline monotonous. This maybe because of the fact all the tracks have the same thrashy fast pace. However, on repeated listens, this problem seems to diminish in magnitude. The production is good. But the drum sounds tend to drown out the other elements occasionally.

This album brings nothing new in terms of innovation. It is just some raw and heavy death metal delivered in true old school style. It invokes nostalgic memories of bands like Vomitory, Obituary etc. All tracks are good individually, but when listened to as a whole album, it does feel a little repetitive and monotonous. 

Rating: 80%

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